Miami Country Day School Visit

I had a blast visiting the students at Miami Country Day. The students had tons of energy and great questions, and the World Languages faculty members were warm and wonderful. This program offers Spanish classes at all levels from learners to native speakers, and my discussion with the students moved seamlessly between Spanish and English. […]

Washington Latin School Visit

I’m beaming looking at this photo. This is me with Ms. Breitman, my seventh-grade English teacher. Ms. Breitman is someone who has seen me through many a lunch hour, one memorable detention, and lots of adolescent tears. In college and adulthood, I’ve come back to her for advice on everything from political engagement to moving […]

Criticize the King!

Today I did a reading for PK-3rd grades at a local public school. I was a little anxious about addressing the tougher themes in my book with the pre-schoolers, but, as usual with young kids, they surprised me with their attention, wisdom, and curiosity. One of the questions that came up was why José Martí […]