Highlights Foundation Master Class in Nonfiction 2018

I was honored to join the faculty at the Highlights Foundation for this year’s Master Class in Nonfiction Writing for Children. Other faculty members included Larry Dane Brimmer, Peter Jacobi, Sandra Neil Wallace and Rich Wallace, and Carole Boston Weatherford. I admire each of them as individuals and as writers. Highlights is a place where I’ve grown tremendously as a writer through workshops with people like Eileen Robinson and Harold Underdown, and I’m so happy to have had this opportunity to return and teach there. Spending time with the Highlights family, enjoying the views in the Poconos, and eating amazing chef-prepared meals was wonderful too!

One-on-one meetings with writers

Sandra Neil Wallace spoke about her book with husband Rich Wallace, BLOOD BROTHER, about the life of Jonathan Daniels. Unforgettable.

The whole group in the word garden!

Author Susan Campbell Bartoletti spoke about her book TERRIBLE TYPHOID MARY

A view of the barn

Poet and children’s author Carole Boston Weatherford before her keynote address