School Visits

I am available for school visits and can tailor my presentations to the specific needs of your students. My workshops are hands-on and interactive for children, and can be done in English or Spanish. Some examples of workshops include:

  • Research for Kids: In this workshop, kids will learn about how I researched and developed Martí’s Song for Freedom. Students will practice developing their own research questions and research plans, identifying both print and digital tools.
  • Martí for Spanish Class: This workshop can be adapted to fit everyone from the youngest Spanish class to the oldest, and is perfect for Spanish classes looking to broaden their cultural understanding. Every workshop will include an opportunity to practice writing or speaking Spanish in Martí’s style.
  • Poetry and Metaphor for Kids: In this workshop, kids will examine José Martí’s poetry and the metaphors he drew on. Students will brainstorm the metaphors most important to their own lives to write a short poem in Martí’s style.